Removing hazardous tree roots across Greater Manchester

Did you know that over 80% of drain blockages are caused by hazardous tree roots? At ACTFAST Drain Services, we eliminate tree roots that are either displacing or breaking your existing pipes. With the most effective and efficient tree cutting equipment, we quickly restore functionality to domestic and commercial drains across Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire.

The effects of tree roots

Hazardous tree roots can cause catastrophic damage to your drainage systems - and often you won't realise until it's too late. As they enlarge, tree roots can create cracks in pipes and begin a rapid cycle of growth thanks to ideal moist conditions. Tree root damage can result in blockages and can even constrict your pipe systems.

What we do

Utilising the most reliable equipment and machinery, our professionals offer tree root eradication services to minimise and prevent further damage. Occasionally, damage caused by hazardous tree roots can result in the need for excavations and relining of pipework. We’re able to effectively and quickly restore or replace damaged pipes and drain systems.

No call out charges

Some drainage professionals significantly hike up their prices with unnecessary call out charges. At ACTFAST Drain Services, we don’t charge you a call out fee for services across Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire. Our experts focus solely on resolving your drainage issues - however big or small.
We operate in the Greater Manchester area.
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